Heels Mannerism Workshop

Heels Mannerism WORKSHOP
21.05.2022 / 18:00
Semir Alkadi

Sofia, kv. Lozenec,
56-58 Krum Popov, str. (entr. Lozenec str.)

Anyone who wants to make a unique gift for a loved one or wants to control their body and embody passion with their movements, will love this class.

Wearing high heels and seductive clothing is recommended to make you feel comfortable and sexy!

What is Heels Mannerism?

Rediscover your own style of dancing by learning and improving the HIGH HEELS style manners!

Learn how to:
• how to keep balance and grace at the same time while on high heels;

What is Мannerisms?

The definition of mannerisms is a habit, gesture or other characteristic of speech, clothing or dance that one often performs and is distinguished by.
Or more precisely, mannerisms in the style of HIGH HEELS are gestures that are often repeated while dancing (such as the position of the legs in certain poses or the way your hair or head rotates while dancing and many others).

Welcome to this new WORKSHOP of Semir Alkadi where you will enter the world of grace, sex appeal and the power of the religion called HIGH HEELS DANCE!

Semir Alkadi

Semir Alkadi began his career in 1996 as a dancer and ballet soloist for “Diva” ballet. In 1999 he formed his own dance company, “Akadamus” – Academy for Dance, Music and Speech.

Two years later, Semir received an invitation from the popular Finnish dance company “Hot Cakes” and in 2001, he and his dancers, left for Finland, where Semir was appointed as a principal choreographer and soloist. With a lot of hard work and perseverance, Semir became the National Champion of Finland in Disco Dance and Show Dance for two consecutive years. And in 2006, together with “Hot Cakes” – The Show Dance Company, they won a silver medal from the European Hip Hop Championship.

Over the years, Semir Alkadi has worked with various celebrities from Bulgaria and the world, and “Akadamus” ballet has evolved and received a number of accolades. In 2015, Semir Alkadi participated in the founding of the “Akadamus Dance Theater” – a dance and theater troupe to which he is still an Art Director and Choreographer.

Participation Fees

!!! Special Price !!!
BGN 25 per person
for a group of minimum 4 persons

BGN 25 per person
if you’ve been to the previous Workshop

BGN 30 per person
with pre-registration on +359 899 855 989

BGN 35 per person
when paying on site


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us by calling us at: +359 899 855 989 or mail us at: semir@akadamus.com

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