Online Classes

Quarantine is no longer an obstacle to study choreographies, with the help of Stoyan Kolev (cameraman) and choreographies by Semir Alkadi.

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How our ONLINE platform works?

Step 1

Choose a class and click on it.
Two new video classes with Semir Alkadi will be added weekly.

Step 2

Make the payment in the window that comes out. The price of one class is € 2.50.
After the payment is made, your class will start immediately – no password is needed!

Step 3

Enjoy the class!
(Make videos and upload them to social networks to share your progress! Don’t forget #semiralkadi #akadamus #academy360)

*To make the payment you must have PayPal account – PayPal works with any credit / debit cards, registration is free and takes no more than 5 min.

*Each class purchased is valid 24 hours after it is paid. You can watch any class purchased 2 times maximum during these 24 hours from the same device.

Video Classes

All videos are shot mirrored to be able to follow along.

Choreography: Semir Alkadi / Cameraman: Stoyan Kolev / Location: International Dance School Academy360

#semiralkadi #akadamus #academy360